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History - Crag Coiners

During the 18th Century, a band of roughs known as the Crag Coiners operated within the surrounding area.

They would clip the edges from coins, then file a new "milled" edge on the resulting smaller coin. The clippings would be melted down and cast into new coins.

"King" David Hartley lead the gang and they used the "Dusty Miller" in Mytholmroyd as a meeting place. Miller was arrested in October 1769, due mainly to the efforts of William Deighton, a supervisor of taxes for the Government. The remaining members of the gang conspired against Deighton and on 10 Nov 1769, two gang members hid near Bull Green and shot him. They were later found guilty and hanged at York, later to be returned to Halifax and hung on chains at Beacon Hill as a deterrent to others.

Hartley was hanged in 1770 at Tyburn near York and was buried in Heptonstall graveyard.


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