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July : New Recycling Scheme goes Ahead

Up to now there has been limited recycling facilities at Hebden Hey, we are now attampting tr recycle everything possible by separating the waste at souece before it is collected by the local council.

Calderdale residents will be very familiar with the process, however as most councils seem to do things differently, here is a summary.

Glass - Jars and bottles can be rinsed clean and their tops/lids removed.
Cans and Tins - Again, please rinse clean before recycling
Paper - and thin card BUT NOT corrugated cardboard boxes.
Plastic - Pop bottles and milk containers - rinsed so they don't go "yucky"
Food - This is where we may be different! ALL raw & cooked food waste, including meat, dairy, fish & bones is placed in the biodegradable bags, tied when full & put in the box provided.

The boxes for collecting in the kitchens & transfering into our recycling centre may differ - as we get used to the relative quantities. Please follow any instructions in the kitchens/waste centre, and thank you for your help




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