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March : Archery & Shooting Competition

Archery Competition 2012

Sunday March 25 was the third annual Shooting & Archery Competition, this year we added another base to give a total of four different trials.

Target Archery at a standard archery boss 12m away was easy for everyone, before moving to the air-rifle target shooting, punching little round holes in paper targets, this year with the brand new rifles we have purchased.

The new base for 2012 was field archery,----> shooting at different distances into hay bales to try and burst the attached balloons - something everyone really enjoyed.

The final base was field target air rifle shooting. Nine small metal targets varying in distance between 15m. and 45m. proved a challenge, but winding up the telescopic sights and with a steady hold the disks were spinning throughout the afternoon.


March : New Pens & Pencils now for sale

Seven different colours of pens - one to match any of your moods, the perfect present for a special loved one, or to take home to parents to let them know how good a time you had at Hebden Hey.

We also have a new batch of pencils with the Hebden Hey logo printed on the side, whilst also having a handy eraser fixed to the end.

Next time you pop up, ask one of the Service team to open the shop and buy one of these excellent quality gifts, or in fact anything else we have to offer.




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