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What to do at Hebden Hey

Hebden Hey is situated in the peaceful woodlands of Hardcastle Crags. The opportunities for walking, widegames and exploring are almost endless, however, for those who would like a few more ideas, we have available on-site and locally a variety of permanent facilities as well as others such as shooting and archery that can be "brought in" if prebooked.

Indoor Caving System

Indoor Caving - Click for bigger viewIndoor CavingBuilt for the 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2014, this purpose built indoor caving system features four layers totalling approximately 150 feet of passageways to complete.

There are caving helmets with LED head torches to guide you along the twisting route that climbs, flips, reverses and squeezes at various points; for those wanting a quick exit, there are escape hatches should you want a break.

A very popular activity with all ages from 5 to adult, though the more mature members of the service team choose to advise from a safe distance (sat down at the back of the room!)

Slack Lining

Clack Lining - Click for bigger viewSlack Line WalkingSlack lining, or the art of walking on a non-tight tight rope, set up ony a few inches above the floor.
A challenge that can be learned during a short session, yet to become a master at the art may take you a little longer.

The equipment is available to set up three separate slack lines each approximately 8m long so everyone will get a go, as well as (slack) walking, other members can assist in helping balance so there's something to do the whole time.

Crate Stacking

obstacle course - Click for bigger viewCrate StackingIn the woods away from the main hostel buildings, a newly levelled and surfaced area for the activity has been created. There are sufficient harnesses, helmets and rope as well as plastic crates to get to quite a height.

The activity has been built adjacent to a steep slope, so once you are a few feet from the ground, it seems a lot higher, giving all the thrills and excitement whilst remining perfectly safe.

Outdoor Climbing/Abseil Wall

24' Climbing Wall - Click for bigger viewClimbing/Abseiling WallAnother activity built initially for our anniversary celebrations, but has been retained for people using the centre. The 24' climbing and abseiling wall is currently being relocated to another area of the site.

It is not in use whilst being renovated, but get in touch with the activities team: activities@hebdenhey.org.uk

River Walking

YES I KNOW ITS THE WRONG PICTURE! - Click for bigger viewRiver Walking - YES I KNOW ITS THE WRONG PICTURE!Our north boundary is defined by the river that divides our land from the National Trust. We have a set of buoyancy aids and helments for groups to wear when walking down the river bed from the stepping stones to the weir, only a short distance, but can be very challenging if you decide to pick a route through the waist deep water.

Great for cooling off in summer, and something you'll want to try again, once you have completed it the first time.

Obstacle Course

obstacle course - Click for bigger viewObstacle CourseOur permanent outdoor obstacle course is positioned behind and to the left of the wooden hut at the top of the car park.

It has been built to allow visitors staying at the centre to play on the various obstacles individually,
or with a little imagination a simple route between them can be arranged and even supplemented with some basic pioneering skills.

Air Rifle Shooting

Air rifle shooting Scout air rifle sessionWe have portable target range that can be set up usually at the far end of campsite 8 on an otherwise unused secluded area, or the bottom car park area. This allows up to four .177 air rifles to be used at any one time.
This facility requires pre-booking with one of the centre's approved shooting instructors.
Please contact shooting@hebdenhey.org.uk.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the group leader to ensure that all Scout/Cubs have completed the appropriate permission to shoot form, and have it signed by a parent.
Download standard Scout shooting permission form


Archery Scout archery sessionIt is possible to use various areas of the site for archery, depending on both other users and the ability to move the targets and backstop netting to the allocated range. We have access to four 900mm & two 1.2m foam archery bosses as well as more portable straw practice bosses, so even the most novice of archers can hit the target with a minimum of tuition. There are sufficient bows and arrows suitably sized for youths of Cub age and young Scouts through to adults.

With six targets and ten bows, we can cater for quite large groups, however, we normally use two instructors and suggest a maximum of eight to twelve people per hour to allow time for some tuition and improvement, for first time archers this is usually sufficient time for a decent experience and to start hitting the target regularly.
This facility requires pre-booking with one of the centre's approved shooting instructors. Please contact archery@hebdenhey.org.uk.

Hill Walking

Resting - after a long walkHill WalkingThe immediate area around Hebden Hey contains many footpaths both in the sheltered wooded valley, and up on to the open moorland.

There are short link paths to both the Pennine Way and Calderdale way that pass close by, making the centre very popular for Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions.

Traverse Wall

Traverse Wall - Click for bigger viewClimb/Traverse WallPositioned at the end of the obstacle course, this 8' high by 32' long traverse wall has a rubber crash-mat surface beneath it.

Traverse Wall - Click for bigger viewThere are three routes identified by different coloured blocks. Easy to get across for beginners, yet sufficiently challenging if you only use the gold coloured holds.

The row of horizontal red blocks are set at a height of two metres, the upper limit for footholds, so stay below these and don't sit on top of the wall for a fun climbing activity without having to use helmets or harnesses.

Campfire Area

CampfireCamp Fire Area - Click for bigger viewThe campfire area has sufficient raised seating for large groups using the centre.

there is space available surrounding it for open fire cooking during the daytime should you wish. We ask that you respect the living trees and shrubs and find deadwood fuel elsewhere in our 37 acres!

Activities Field

The large grassed field next to the hostels is available for many activities.
We only ask that no tents are pitched on this field, and you are aware of others using the area at the same time.


Pioneering Pioneering on the main field - Click for bigger viewThe large grassed field next to the hostels is available for many activities, we have quite a number of various sized pioneering poles available to loan, but please bring your own lashings and ropes.

Free-standing flagpoleTeam building has never been easier as everyone gets to take part in building something that can be played and climbed on, from a simple flagpole or a bit bigger tower or even rope bridge. We have plenty of examples and experience if you are short of ideas.

Once you've mastered a couple of simple knots & lashings you can get building - why not try a raised platform to pitch a tent on?

Souvenir & Tuck Shop

Tuck Shop for residents on-siteCheeky Beavers Tuck ShopThe shop can be opened by arrangement with the site warden or members of the service team, we stock a range of branded souvenirs as well as pop and sweets.

Gibson Mill & Hardcastle Crags

Gibson Mill - National TrustNational TrustGibson Mill is a 19th-century cotton mill that sits at the heart of Hardcastle Crags. The Mill has been brought back into use as a facility for visitors and for the local community.

Gibson Mill sits at the heart of Hardcastle Crags, only 1.2km from hebden Hey in the beautiful wooded valley punctuated by the stacks of millstone grit called crags.

see the Gibson Mill page on our website.

Giant Chess/Draughts

Big ChessGiant Chess BoardA nice game of chess or draughts has always been a favourite for all to enjoy, so why not try it on a whole other scale with our 12'x12' chess board! It even has a grand stand overview, ideal for large competitions which everyone can enjoy!

Picture Trail

Picture Trail This is a good way for the beavers and cubs to spend time to get to know the surroundings and their way round the area and it is great fun! This exciting and enjoyable activity is orienteering with a unique twist.


Orienteering There is a permanent route with a variety of checkpoints on the National Trust land opposite. The course starts at the Main midgehole car park, an maps are available from the National Trust offices.

There course can be set out as a circular route, or linear event finishing at approximately the stepping stones that lead conveniently back up the the Hostels and campsites.

ALSO... Additional activities

Other activities BBQ - two permanent large fire troughs close to the hostels

Rafting - with permission from the dam owner

Team Building Activities - a variety of different challenges for those that can work together

Tom Bell's Cave - a real underground cave... muddy and wet just like the real thing. Due to "Health and Safety" concerns, no one is allowed underground any longer...

Plastic sheet slide - just add water, washing up liquid & some excited kids...


Additional Information

Booking Activities...

If you are coming to stay at Hebden Hey, and would like to try any of our on-site activities or just have a question about them, please get in touch with the activities team: activities@hebdenhey.org.uk.

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