Welcome to Hebden Hey Scout Centre


We try to keep the number of rules to a minimum, but in the interests of keeping the site in good condition for those following you, and a peaceful stay for everyone, please bear with us over the following points:

Camping at Hebden Hey is for Scout and Guide Association members ONLY and permission to camp must be obtained from the Hebden Hey Management Committee in advance, by contacting the booking secretary.

Camping beneath the overhead power lines or on the main activity field is not allowed.
Holes must not be dug, or turf removed from any camp site.
Stones and rocks must not be moved from walls or pathways
We ask that you leave your pets at home in the interests of hygiene and others.
We have invested much time and effort in new trees and bushes, so please leave them alone.
Campers on sites pre-booked by other groups will be required to move.
Please keep noise to a minimum around the hostels at night, and keep quiet between 11pm & 7am.


Check you site allocation with the warden.
Pay camp fees to the warden or in the providor.
Vehicles, trailers and caravans are not allowed on or across camping areas.


All vehicles must be parked in the car parking areas, so as not to obstruct access to others.
Preferably in the bottom car park, leaving the top one for hostel users.
NO VEHICLES or trailers to be driven or parked on grassed areas.


Trees MUST NOT be cut down, nor wood removed from live trees.
All fires to be within the built fireplaces, and not on the grassed areas.


Adjacent land downstream, including the dam, is private and must be respected. All other surrounding land belongs to the National Trust where National Trust Regulations apply.


Mains water is metered and has to be paid for, so please ensure all taps are turned off after use. Drinking water taps are located at the top of the car park and outside the campers toilet between the hostels.
Spring and river water is not suitable for drinking.


Campers toilets are in the outer bottom corner of Tom Bell hostel, near to the flag pole.
It is the responsibility of the camping groups to keep these clean.


All rubbish must be burned and the cold remains bagged in plastic bin liners then placed in the dustbins adjacent to the Hebden Hey Hostel.


All equipment borrowed from the Hebden Hey Centre must be cleaned and returned to the relevant place prior to departure.
Clear ashes and unused wood from fire places, remove all litter and food scraps from your site. If the site is very muddy, please ask for a rake and level-out the worst bits to encourage the grass to re-grow.

Invite the warden to inspect you site, which must be left in a clean and tidy state.



Additional Information

Covered/Indoor facilities for use by Campers...

Campers can also make use of the Charles Rouse Room and/or the Day Centre if they have been pre-booked, or you can agree with the warden on-site during your stay.

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