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Tom Bell : 30 Bed Self-Catering Hostel

Tom Bell Hostel was opened in 1986 and provides self catering accommodation for a maximum of 30 people in five bedrooms. The centre has two hostels, each is independent of the other, this building was named after a local highwayman, an image of his head can still be seen above the main door looking towards and guarding his cave!

The accommodation is centred on the main hall or communal area, this is a multi-purpose room for eating, indoor activities and relaxing in the evenings. There are sufficient stackable plastic chairs as well as Go-Pak tables around the perimeter of the room.

Each bedroom is equipped with double tier mattress bunk beds for 10, 10, 4, 4 and 2 respectively.

There are three washrooms, the two older ones each have two wash basins, toilet and shower, whilst the new toilet - finished in 2009 has three sinks, three toilets and two shower cubicles.

The kitchen, which is directly off the main hall, has a comprehensive set of equipment, including a large commercial gas cooker, fridge, freezer, crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils.
The hostel also has a boot lobby and efficient drying room.

The majority of the lower floor of the building can be booked separately as the Day Centre, although downstairs room must be vacated by 9:30pm, to ensure those staying in the hostel above have a quiet and uninterrupted evening!

The hostel now has gas fired central heating feeding radiators in every room including the main hall. These not only provide ample heating to the building during your stay, they are programmed to pre-heat the building to give you a warm welcome when walking in at the start of your stay.

Upstairs Plan/Layout


General Photos & Downstairs Plan/Layout

10 bed DormitoryMain Hall
Main HallSmaller Bedroom




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Group Sizes...

This building sleeps up to 30 people. For larger groups, please consider booking the Hebden Hey hostel - that sleeps up to 44 people.

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Views from the main field...

View of Hostels from main field

View of Tom Bell Hostel from main field