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Weekend Warden Duties at Hebden Hey

The estate and houses are looked after generally by the members of the Service Team, we do however rely on your help for wardening duties during the weekend throughout the camping season.

The camping season opens at Easter , and continues till the end of October.

For a short period of your time, you get free accomodation for up to six in Cosy Cottage, excellent views and countryside as well as a weekend away from the TV!

Weekend wardening duties are limited to:

Wherever possible, you should arrive before the visitors on Friday night, which generally means getting there for about 7pm, and be around for any incidents that may occur over the weekend.
The groups booked into the buildings should leave before tea on Sunday, so once they've cleaned up, and you've checked them you may leave anytime.

Wardening for the weekend is not at all like hard work, and can be very peaceful especially during the off peak times, if you fancy a go, please check out the rota calendar, and then contact the booking secretaries, or even fill-in a request from this site.



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Contacting the Co-Ordinator...

Alternatively, if you do not wish to use this form, please contact the warden Coordinator by alternate means below:

John Greenwood

Telephone (01422) 202356
email: warden@hebdenhey.org.uk

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