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2008 News Archive

May : Hebden Hey Roof Trims

New white soffit boarding before the brown fascia trim is fixedAfter many years, the underside of the overhanging roof has been replaced with a more modern plastic trim, this will help to keep the hostel warmer as well as looking neater from the outside.

The underside of the roof were replaced with white boards, whilst the fascia and new guttering was in brown, we will now not need to paint these in the future.

The access was only possible with the use of a truck mounted elevating platform, a lot easier for those doing the work, than climbing ladders as it is quite a long way up to the roof from the field side of the hostel.

As well as fixing the roof soffit boards, the volunteers had time to clean the windows at the top of the building, another job that needs a steady hand and a good nreve when trying to do it from a ladder!

Thanks again go to David & Martin for their help on this project.




April : Tom Bell Hostel - More New Toilets

Other than a coat of paint, the toilets in Tom Bell hostel have remained largely unchanged since the building was opened. We have now constructed a bathroom facility in the previously underused downstairs lounge.

There are three toilets, handbasins and two shower cubicles, as well as the room being fully tiled and a new raised floor built to allow for the drainage.

There is no before/ after photo here as I don't have one, nor do pictures of toilets look particularly exciting!

There are now three separate toilet rooms, each with shower(s), toilet and wash basins it is up to the individual groups how they allocate these to male/female/leaders during their stay.

New white soffit boarding before the brown fascia trim is fixedApril : Bright New Tuck Shop Interior

After a long while in service the site shop has been give a new look.

The shop area has been painted and new shelves fixed to allow us to stock a slightly different range of items, there are the usual sweets and pop, a wider range of badges and models, as well as some new branded stock for a souvenir of your stay.



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